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Pastor's Page 2019-11-10

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 11/11/19

Dear Parishioners: Happy Veteran Day – This year we observed on Monday, November 11. Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on November 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I.  Congress passed a resolution in 1926 for an annual observance, and November 11 became a ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2019-11-17

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 11/11/19


Congratulation to the Sounders for a historic Championship game at Century Link Field with the largest crowd (69,000+) ever attended with the final score 3-1 against the Toronto FC.  Waiting for the Champion Parade to come soon …

  As we come to the end of the Church’s liturgical year, our Sunday Scripture readings are filled with apocalyptic images that may well terrify us with their intensity, honesty, realism, and practicality. Apocalyptic writing was popular in Christian circles for a millennium.  Major historical crises most often triggered apocalyptic thinking. Not all uses of the word “apocalypse,” however, have to do with a special kind of literature.  History being set in the larger context of God’s purpose, giving rise to extraordinary writing with historical descriptions that are laced with symbols, signs, and mysterious figures of speech.  As strange as this literature may seem to us, it is a dramatic witness to the tenacity of faith and hope among the people of God. The destruction of Jerusalem is the historical event that prompted Jesus’ apocalyptic speech in today’s Gospel passage (Luke 21:5-19).  In dealing with the persecution of the disciples and the destruction of Jerusalem, Luke is pointing to signs that have already been fulfilled.  The fulfilment of God’s purpose will affect not just Israel but all nations, not just the nations but also the entire cosmos. There is no area of God’s creation so remote as to be unaffected by God’s actualization of his divine intention. However, disciples are not to be so preoccupied with these events as to be terrified or led astray by those who claim to have probed the divine mysteries and ascertained the time and place.  The important thing to keep in mind is that before the end there is to be a time of witnessing.  Because of their witness, disciples will be brought before the synagogues and before governors and kings (both realities would be fulfilled in the Acts of the Apostles). Hatred, betrayal by relatives and friends, and death await them.  Disciples are not exempt from suffering. If apocalyptic literature shocks us, it may well be for good reasons.  Maybe we need to be brought out of our complacent faith and beliefs, our way of living and acting, and realize that time is short, that the Lord truly does come like a thief in the night, and that we must radically change our ways today, not tomorrow.   As we near the end of the liturgical year and are confronted with the ultimate things in today’s Scripture readings, let us never forget that we are called to give witness through our daily living.  Amid painful and prolonged suffering, when there can be seen on the horizon of predictable history no relief from disaster, faith turns its face toward heaven not only for a revelation of God’s will but also for a vision of the end of the present misery and the beginning of the age to come.  That thought alone is a cause of consolation, joy, and hope in the midst of the storms of our times. A special tradition throughout the month of November is that, our parish will remember and pray for all our deceased members at Mass, especially those names that have been written on the parish prayer book. Please join us in the daily Mass or at the weekend Mass in these celebrations.  It’s not too late to send in the All Souls’ envelop with the names of your loved ones who have passed away and wanting our parish to pray for them.  Mark your calendar on Thursday November 21 - 7:00 PM at St. Gabriel Church for a special event from “Luke Production” feature the story of John ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2019-11-03

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 10/28/19

Dear Parishioners:

TODAY IS the Annual Winter Bazaar (All Day Saturday, Nov. 2 and Sunday after Masses on Nov. 3).  Please stop by the Community Room before and after Mass to visit and purchase something for a good cause (All proceeds are for Share and Care Ministry) to help ... Read More »

Pastor's Corner 2019-10-27

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 10/21/19

Dear Parishioners: Last Sunday's Gospel focused on the necessity of prayer (Luke 18:1-8). The second of two parables in Chapter 18:9-15, teaches that the fundamental attitude of the Christian disciple must be the recognition of sinfulness and complete dependence on God's graciousness.

One of Luke's favorite themes, the reversal ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2019-10-20

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 10/14/19

Dear Parishioners: Luke depicts Jesus at prayer right from the beginning of his Gospel. Prayer becomes one of the ways by which we follow Jesus.  Luke insists on the importance of prayer for the Christian life.  We must pray unceasingly, for prayer is a sign of our faith in ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2019-10-13

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 10/07/19

Dear Parishioners: Today’s readings are about remembering, thanksgiving, healing and salvation. In the reading from the Old Testament, Naaman the Syrian remembers to thank Elisha for his cure.  Naaman, the foreigner, is not a member of the Chosen People.  That God’s mercy is to be extended to all the ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2019-10-06

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 10/01/19

Dear Parishioners: October is the month of Respect for Life, as a people of faith, we value the “gift of Life – from conception to natural death” and we continue joining with our Church to pray for this gift of Life and the “Freedom to choose Life” and “Religious ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2019-09-29

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 9/24/19

Dear Parishioners: In today’s first reading, the prophet Amos is quite serious about the complacent folk who pamper themselves at the expense of others, and have apparently lost interest in the sufferings of their fellow human beings. Amos is the great champion of the poor.

Also, in today’s Gospel ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2019-09-15

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 9/11/19

Dear Parishioners: Chapter 15 of Luke’s Gospel is often referred to as the “lost and found” collection of the New Testament. The chapter begins with the parable of lost sheep, followed by the parable of lost coin, reaching its climate with the parable of prodigal son (15:11-32) which is ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2019-09-08

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 9/05/19

Dear Parishioners: LATEST NEWS … Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, and Coadjutor Archbishop Paul D. Etienne has automatically succeeded him as head of the Archdiocese of Seattle. The changes were announced September 3 by Archbishop Christophe Pierre, apostolic nuncio to the United States.  ... Read More »


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