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Pastors Page

Pastor's Page 2020-05-24

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 5/20/20

Dear St. Gabriel Parishioners: Happy the Feast of “The Ascension of the Lord into Heaven” This Feast Day reminds us that even though Jesus has ascended into Heaven, Jesus still is the “source of nourishment” that we receive everyday when we “do this in memory of Him – the ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-05-10

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 5/04/20

Dear Parishioners: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ….. To all Mothers, we give thanks to God for you, who have been a true Gift from God and a Blessing to us as sons and daughters.  To all Mothers who have gone before us, our prayer this day and always is that ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-05-03

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 4/29/20

Dear Parishioners:

I submitted this column to the bulletin-printing company before knowing what our Governor will say about a decision on his executive order “Stay-at-home, Stay Healthy” expired on Monday, May 4.  But, it is clear that what we once thought was a very temporary situation, is actually, going ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-04-26

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 4/29/20

Dear Parishioners:

JESUS IS RISEN … … ALLELUIA!!! a familiar phrase for all Christians, but so special for all of us to proclaim not just with our lips but living as witnesses to this new reality.  May the “risen Christ” bless you and all your families in this Holy ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-04-05

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 4/06/20

Dear Parishioners:

Palm/Passion Sunday signals the “Holiest Week” of the year for all Christians in the world.  Holy Week is the heart of our liturgical life, gathering us, year after year, to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.  Clearly, as we continue to fight Covid-19 ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-03-29

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 3/24/20

Dear Parishioners: In the midst of a very uniquely Lenten Season due to the Coronavirus suddenly spreading across our nation and the world, I hope that you have found at least a reasonable routine while living in the recommendation of “social distancing” and the Holy Mass suspended for the ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-03-15

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 3/09/20

Dear Parishioners: The Church intensifies our Lenten Season for all people through the preparation of the newly Elects (Catechumens – those who have never been baptized) and Candidates for Full Communion in the Catholic Church (those who have been baptized validly in another Christian Denomination) through a period of ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-03-08

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 3/02/20

Dear Parishioners: Each year on the Second Sunday of Lent, the gospel reading tells of the Transfiguration. Matthew’s account of the Transfiguration (17:1-9) confirms that Jesus is the Son of God and points to fulfilment of the prediction that he will come in his Father’s glory at the end ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-03-01

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 2/24/20

Dear Parishioners:

  ► Alert!  Alert! ◄ We’re one week away from “Daylight Saving” time on Sunday March 8 (set clock forward).   … …WELCOME TO THE SEASON OF LENT … …

We continue living the Mystery of the Incarnation of Jesus (Christmas) in our world and in our ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-02-23

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 2/19/20

Dear Parishioners: The three Scripture readings this 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time, issue three calls to us, to be holy as the Lord our God is holy; to not deceive ourselves with the wisdom of this age; and to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. ... Read More »


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