Understanding the Mass

Understanding the Mass

Why is the Mass so important to our Faith? There is a very in depth answer to that question but for simplicity, it is because it was a gift from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that he instituted on the Last Supper of Holy Thursday.

It brings to us the "Source and Summit" of faith the Eucharist. Through the Mass we share with our brothers and sisters all around the world in receiving the Word and His Body, the Real Presence. 

This page tries to provide you with an understanding of the different parts of the Mass. Take time to reflect on this information. You will realize...its not enough to just treat the Mass as a Sunday Obligation alone. It's an opportunity to 'assist' in this sacrifice a chance to mature in our participation.

Exploring the Liturgy - Handouts

May 20th Teaching Mass

At this mass we highlighted the above elements of the mass by reflecting on its meaning.

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