Partners In The Gospel

Our 'Proposed' Family Grouping

We want to Hear from you.

We are now in the Public Comment Phase of the Partners in the Gospel Process.
This phase began September 23rd and will extend through October 14th.

All parishioners are welcome and encouraged to participate in an In-Person Input session at their local church. If you are unable to attend you may still participate by sharing your feedback OnLine at the Archdiocese Website: Partners - Public Comment - Archdiocese of Seattle (

How would you prefer to participate?
We ask that you Please Register for a session or the online feedback option through the links below.
This will help us prepare for the number of parishioners that show up for each session as well as those who would prefer to submit their input online.

Prince of Peace
Input Sessions

  • Thursday Sep 28th: 11 AM-1 PM
  • Sat Sep 30th: 2 PM-4 PM
  • Spanish Sessions were announced at Mass this weekend

St. Gabriel
Input Sessions

  • Wed Sep 27th: 630 PM-830 PM
  • Sat Sep 30th: 10 AM-12 PM
  • Wed Oct 4th: 1230p-230P

Click HERE to read Archbishop Etienne's Letter


Understanding Why. On Monday, June 5th our Archdiocese published the Current Reality Report. This report provides a snapshot of the archdiocese today and outlines data and trends as well as forecasts demographic changes over the next decade. It also outlines the urgent need for change and why we must reinvision parish life.


(It is under the heading - UNDERSTANDING WHY)

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January 22, 2023, marked the public launch of The Partners in the Gospel Strategic Pastoral Plan. This a plan introduced to all parishes within the Archdiocese of Seattle. Watch and Listen to Father Phuong's Homily and Message. This is a clip of the Homily and the Archdiocese Video on Partners in the Gospel.

Let us UNITE all our concerns, our anxieties, our hopes, and our dreams by adding the Partners In the Gospel Prayer to our regular prayer routines.