Partners In The Gospel

February 10, 2024 - Update
Final Parish Families Announced

Next Steps

  • Early April, will be the announcement of our new Pastor and Parochial Vicars.

    • Every parish family will be assigned one Pastor and at least one Vicar, which is an assistant priest, to assist with serving mass and performing other duties assigned by the pastor.

  • July 1st is the official day we begin working together and towards becoming a ‘canonical’ parish family.

    • This is intentionally designed to be a slow process that allows for each community to learn about each other, and over time and with participation from leadership and parishioners, begin to develop plans and processes to reach that goal. This journey is anticipated to take three years. Some families will take less time and others more.

  • Today and onward, let us all keep the process, our church family, and our parishioners, in our prayers. That this journey may be as smooth as possible and when we hit the bumps in the road that are sure to come, we move with trust in the Holy Spirit, asking for patience, understanding, and a spirit of collaboration.

    • Pastors, Church leaders, and staff will be introduced over the next several months to our ‘Parish Family Liaisons’ who are Archdiocese-assigned partners that will help families along this journey.

      • We will also be receiving and reviewing the Partners in the Gospel, playbook that provides, steps and strategies to help us move forward towards our goal.

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Click HERE to read Archbishop Etienne's Letter


Understanding Why. On Monday, June 5th our Archdiocese published the Current Reality Report. This report provides a snapshot of the archdiocese today and outlines data and trends as well as forecasts demographic changes over the next decade. It also outlines the urgent need for change and why we must reinvision parish life.


(It is under the heading - UNDERSTANDING WHY)

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January 22, 2023, marked the public launch of The Partners in the Gospel Strategic Pastoral Plan. This a plan introduced to all parishes within the Archdiocese of Seattle. Watch and Listen to Father Phuong's Homily and Message. This is a clip of the Homily and the Archdiocese Video on Partners in the Gospel.

Let us UNITE all our concerns, our anxieties, our hopes, and our dreams by adding the Partners In the Gospel Prayer to our regular prayer routines.