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Pastor's Page 2021-04-04

Dear St. Gabriel Parishioners:


Through the powerful Scripture readings of the Triduum, and especially the Gospels of the Easter Vigil and Easter morning, we catch glimpses of just what Resurrection means.  How can we give expression to the conquest of death and of hell?  We must honestly admit to ourselves that there are no words.  Therefore, we turn to the experiences of the women at the tomb in Mark’s Resurrection account and to Mary Magdalene, witness of the Risen Lord, to find images and words to describe what has happened.

Easter is the promise that death will visit each of us.  But more important, it is the assurance that death is not the last word.  The Resurrection of Jesus prompts us to recall, from the darkest moments of grief and trials, how much God comforts us and gives us the strength to persevere.  The Easter mysteries give us a new identity and a new namewe are saved, redeemed, renewed; we are Christian, and we have no more need for fear or despair.

  • St Gabriel Parish Staff and Fr. Phuong wishes all parishioners and their families a very HAPPY EASTER and may this Easter Day begin a “gift of New Life” in all of our lives and in our faith community.
  • The TRIDUUM ends on Easter Sunday. We, then, begin the 7-week Easter Season which lasts through Pentecost Sunday, May 23.  It’s a season full of LIFE.  In our part of the world it’s springtime.  Rivers and streams come alive.  Trees sprout new leaves.  Flower blossom.  Birds sing.  And the calendar is full – First Holy Communions, High-School Confirmation, Mother’s Day, Graduations

The Church says to us: “This is the perfect time of the year to celebrate LIFE – a life that lasts forever”.  ENJOY!  Let there be 50-day festival of Easter after 40 days of Lent.  Let the Paschal Candle, lit from the Easter fire, burn brightly throughout these days.  Catch the spirit in the air and let it remind us of the Holy Spirit within us.  Remember, EASTER doesn’t end when we go to bed on Easter Sunday night.  It lasts 50 days.  We need to catch the spirit of this season and let the good news sink in:  DEATH has been conquered!

  • A word of “THANK to all different Liturgical Ministers, Parish Staff and Volunteers who have devoted a lot of time to prepare for many Liturgical celebrations throughout this long Lenten Season and continues into this Easter Season and the extra help of parishioners and parish staff who help at each Mass and event for the Covid-19 protocols safety throughout this past year. We truly appreciate your dedicated love for God and our Faith Community. May the blessings of God be in abundant to you and your family.

I’d like to say a very personal word to “thankDeacon John Riccciardi and Fr. Ron Belisle whose dedication and love for ministry to both of our parish communities of St. Gabriel and Prince of Peace are beyond measurable.  Without both of them, I would not have been able to fulfill my ministry here. 

  • Congratulation to the Neophytes (newly baptized) and Candidates for Full Communion who have received the Easter Sacraments on Easter Vigil at our parish at Easter Vigil.
  • Also, don’t forget to pray for our parish children who are eagerly await to received their First Holy Communion and our youth Candidates for Confirmation on Saturday, April 17 at 6:30 PM Mass by Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg.


Peace and Joy of the Risen Christ, 
Fr. Phuong Hoang


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