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Pastor's Page 2022-10-30

Dear Parishioners:
---If you visit the Holy Land and especially the oldest city on earth, Jericho, from the
Gospel story, the locals will take delight in pointing out the ruins of the walls that Joshua
(led the Israelites into the Promised Land) brought down in one of the Old Testament’s
mighty battles that may never have taken place! Best of all are the 39 or so sycamore
trees that Zacchaeus is alleged to have climbed in order to catch a glimpse of Jesus as he
passed by, or the house of the town’s famed chief tax collector-turned-saint!
Today’s Gospel is one of Jesus’ beloved meals scenes in the New Testament. Luke’s
portrait of Zacchaeus is vivid and irresistibly charming! The story of Jericho’s famous tax
collector (Luke 19:1-10) is unique to Luke’s Gospel. We are told that he was the chief tax
collector and very wealthy at that.  Though also a rich man, Zacchaeus provides a
contrast to the rich man of (Luke 18:18-23) who cannot detach himself from his material
possessions to become a follower of Jesus. Zacchaeus, according to Luke, exemplifies
the proper attitude toward wealth: he promises to give half of his possessions to the poor,
and is consequently the recipient of salvation.
Jesus declares publicly, “Today salvation has come to this house” (19:9). It’s almost as
if Jesus said to the chief tax collector of Jericho, and through him, to each of us,
“Zacchaeus, don’t climb too high in that tree of yours and hide yourself from me. Don’t
waste all your energy concentrating on your guilt as you see it. I need to talk with you
and find out where you have boxed yourself in. Together we’ll find a way past all of your
excuses. I’ve come to save you!"
---We welcome in the month of November with two great feasts of “All Saint –
November 1” and “All Souls – November 2”. In both of these Feast Days, we celebrate
the lives of the people whom had demonstrated their faithfulness to God in words and
deeds through all the “in and out seasons” of their lives and also, those who are awaiting
the Mercy of God and His gift of Redemption. These are the people of God whom we
are related to or even known while living here on earth. Let’s celebrate and especially
remember those who need God’s mercy and our prayers throughout the month of
Tuesday, November 1 is the “Feast of All Saints”.
--At St. Gabriel Parish, there will be one morning Mass at 11:00 AM and an evening
Mass at 7:00 PM.
--At Prince of Peace Parish – Belfair, there will be 5:00 PM Mass (English) and
7:00 PM Mass (Spanish).
---At the main entrance, there is a “Prayer Book – Labeled For the Deceased” that you
could write in the names of your loved ones whom you want our parish community to
pray for them in this month of November. Also, please send in the All Souls’ envelops
with the names of your loved ones who have passed away and wanting our parish to pray
for them in this month of November.

---In the month of November, all the parishes in our Archdiocese of Seattle are
conducting the annual tradition of Christian Stewardship. Let me first say a “big word
of THANKS” to all of you who had generously given to our parish this past year.
Let’s be mindful of what Christian Stewardship is all about:
“God give it ALL and then call us to SHARE”. Everything we have and everything
we are, indeed are gifts from God. So, Stewardship is the ability to share our gifts of
life – Time, Talent and Treasure – with others; with no strings attached and no
conditions. We share these gifts out of our love for God and gratitude to God.
---We’re already a month into the Fall Season, what a beautiful sight of this colorful
Season! With this changing color of the leaves, there is also a changing in our clock-time
as well – Daylight saving is ended. Remember to change your clock back one-hour for
next Sunday (November 6) when you come to Church; if you forget, the best scenario
will happen to you - “an extra hour of prayer and meditation” at Church before everyone
else is coming.
Christ’s Peace,
Fr. Phuong Hoang


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