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Pastor's Page 2022-09-25

Dear Parishioners:


---Maria Murphree, retired Faith Formation Director and Youth Minister for St. Gabriel Parish for about 30 years will be honored, this Sunday, September 25th after the 11 AM Mass. For the obvious reason of restrictions during the pandemic at the time of her retirement, the whole parish is taking this opportunity to celebrate her years of ministry and service who had influenced beyond young people, many active parishioners and families at St. Gabriel Parish.


Thank you again, for your dedication to your ministry in forming and shaping more than a generation of Catholic in the Port Orchard area. Please stop by to say “THANK” to Maria and celebrate with us.


---Also, with great appreciation and thankfulness, we wish Sarah McLellan - our Assistant Parish Administrator, whose last day will be September 30th. I recalled the unique event in the first week when Sarah came to work with our two parishes - St. Gabriel and Prince of Peace - was the once in a lifetime “tornado landed in Port Orchard”. Sarah was there with the parish staff to help the displaced individuals and families who the Red Cross had designated St. Gabriel Community Room and classroom as temporary shelter.


Thank you, Sarah, for your dedication, in always, doing a good job and helping to establish the beginning of the way to run both parishes. We wish you well in your future endeavors.


---In today’s first reading, the prophet Amos is quite serious about the complacent folk who pamper themselves at the expense of others, and have apparently lost interest in the sufferings of their fellow human beings. Amos is the great champion of the poor.


Also, in today’s Gospel of Luke, the provocative parable of the rich man and Lazarus again illustrates Luke’s concern with Jesus’ attitude toward the rich and the poor.


Luke, chapter 16 is not just about money or wealth. When we really understand the chapter, the key element in both parables is personal relationships. Almsgiving is good but involvement is better. Ministering to the financially poor and the spiritually bankrupt develops our potential to enrich others as we are enriched in the process.


Our focus must be on the well-being of the poor and downtrodden. It is in giving that we receive. And God loves cheerful givers!

What are we depending on?

Do we think being rich means we are right with God?

Do we worry enough about eternity?


---October is also the Month of the Rosary. There are opportunities to pray the Rosary before each Mass on the weekend; come early before Mass and join with other parishioners to pray this beautiful traditional prayer for Life and Peace.


---Happy Parish Feast Day (Thursday, September 29th) – Feast of Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Archangel Gabriel had many different roles as a messenger of God; among several events in the Bible, the most memorable one is the Annunciation – God’s message to our Blessed Mother Mary who was chosen to be the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God.


---Happy Feast Day (Tuesday, September 27th) to all the members of St. Vincent DePaul Council at St. Gabriel Parish who founder is the patron saint to all charitable societies. Like the admirer of St. Vincent, Blesses Frederic Ozanam who established St. Vincent DePaul Society in 1833, the volunteers at St. Gabriel continue this good charitable work in the spirit of St. Vincent right here in our parish community.


---Finally, A big word of THANKS to the Filipino’s Community who shared with the parish the feast of St. Lorenzo Ruiz of Manilla (1600-1631) and St. Pedro Calungsod with the present of three Filipino priests (Fr. Greg, Fr. Gigi and Fr. Virgil) and a big reception afterward with food and entertainment. Through their intercession, may the Lord bless our parish community.


Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Phuong Hoang


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