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Pastor's Page 2020-10-25

Dear Parishioners:

  • We’re already a month into the Fall Season, what a beautiful sight of this colorful Season! With this changing color of the leaves, there is also a changing in our clock-time as well – Daylight saving is endedRemember to change your clock back one-hour for next Sunday (November 1) when you come to Church; otherwise, the scenario you will be facing is an “extra hour of prayer and meditation” at Church before everyone else is coming.
  • We are in the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Today's first reading from Exodus (22:20-26) and Matthew's gospel (22:34-40), the story is about the greatest commandment challenge us in the ways that we love God and neighbor. The Lord reminds the Israelites that they themselves were once strangers in a foreign land. To the strangers, widows, orphans and the poor we must show justice and compassion.

Moses teaches in the Shema (Dt. 6:5 and Lev. 19:34) - and Jesus reaffirms in today's Gospel that all of the Commandments are summed up in the love of God and loving-kindness towards one's neighbor.  Every time that Jews recite the "Shema Israel" and when Christians recall the first and second great commandments, we are, by God's grace, brought closer to each other. Whenever we make the sign of the cross, we are tracing the Shema upon our bodies as we touch our head, heart, and shoulders and pledge them to God's service.

  • We welcome in the month of November, next Sunday, with two great feasts of “All SaintNovember 1” and “All SoulsNovember 2”. In both of these Feast Days, we celebrate the lives of the people whom had demonstrated their faithfulness to God in words and deeds through all the “in and out seasons” of their lives and also, those who are awaiting the Mercy of God and His gift of Redemption.  These are the people of God whom we are related to or even known while living here on earth.  Let’s celebrate and especially remember those who need God’s mercy and our prayers throughout the month of November.

Next Sunday, November 1 is the “Feast of All Saints” and the day after, Monday, November 2 – Remembering our parishioners and loved ones who gone before us this past difficult year, especially with of Coronavirus and its limitation that come with this unique time.  We will gather on this weekend Masses to celebrate these two Feasts on the Lord’s Day - SUNDAY.

  • “A word of Thank” to many parishioners of Prince of Peace who have led us in the renewal of commitment to pray, most especially, through the “Meditative Prayer of the RosaryThe Lord Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection and his mother’s Mary” before every Mass in this month of October.
  • Also, a “Big Word of THANK” to ALL parishioners who have given the “Gift of Faith” on Giving Weekend, last week, for the CALLED TO SERVE AS CHRIST – Archdiocesan Campaign. Many THANKS, also, for ALL Volunteers from both of our parishes and parish staff who have dedicate your valuable time for this effort.  All of you deserve a great gratitude of Thanks from our Priests, religious Sisters and our Archdiocese, as they continue to work tirelessly for the local Church and people of God.

If you have not able to give on Giving Weekend last week, please, make your “Gift of Faith” with the envelop provided by the mailing from Archbishop Etienne or giving online on the parish website or the Campaign website:


Christ’s Peace, 
Fr. Phuong Hoang


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