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Pastor's Page 2020-09-06

Dear Parishioners:

> Happy Labor Day Weekend 2020 <

  • This is a “unique day” to reflect and appreciate the “fruits of labor” from all different areas of the workforce contributing to our everyday life. What an amazing realization of how we are connected together as a society and as a global community.  “With a blessing to have a job” and a day of rest on this Labor Day, we give thanks to our God.  Let’s also be mindful of those who have lost their jobs and those who are struggling to find a job in this difficult time.  May we reach out with our own blessing, in order to help others in need and pray that those who are seeking jobs may be able to find one soon.

Traditionally, Labor Day weekend is also a transitions time from a “Summer schedule” to a “full school schedule” and in addition to many of our parish programs to start up as well.  It’s very different for this year because of the Coronavirus.  Regular schooling for most students of all levels are online; so, it’s with our parish Religious Education as well.  Our director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry, Maria Murphree, is asking for inputs from families with children in religious education ages, so that, she can finalize of what this year programs might fit best and most meaningful for continue education for our young people in the parish.  Please, take notice in the weekly bulletin for detail information as we value your inputs in this important matter.


  • Two weeks ago, at Caesarea Philippi, we learned that Peter is the foundation on which the Lord builds the Church. Peter is entrusted with the keys of the Kingdom of heaven to open or close it to people as he sees fit.  Peter will be able to bind or to loose, in the sense of establishing or prohibiting whatever he deems necessary for the life of the Church.  Today’s Gospel passage from Matthew 18:15-20 compels us to consider the essential elements in the process of forgiveness among members of the Church community.

Forgiveness never means to overlook what someone has done to us.  The emotions we feel when someone has wronged us are genuine, real, upsetting, and they must to be honestly and painfully acknowledged and dealt with.  They can provide a way of healing with the hurt and of moving toward healing and forgiveness.  Harboring feelings of resentment, unforgiveness, anger, hate, and rage can prevent the healing process from ever beginning.  To forgive is not to say that what others did to us was okay.  To genuinely forgive means that I refuse to allow the hurt to prevent me from growing and moving forward.  If I refuse to move forward, wallowing in my own hurt and anger, I become paralyzed by the evil that has taken place.

The frequently used expression “forgive and forget” is not a scriptural or particularly Christian saying.  Jesus offers us another way in which we can forgive even while remembering a past hurt. When I forgive in the name of Jesus Christ, and with his strength and presence, I can actually help others who have been deeply hurt and begin the healing process.  Just as there is nothing that one human being cannot do to another, there is nothing that one human being cannot forgive another, with the help and grace of Jesus.

    • Congratulations for the First Holy Communion Children at Prince of Peace this past week: Saturday, August 29th - Isabel Segundo. Sunday, August 30th - Juan Miguel Francisco Gervacio.  With this Sacrament, we know that the Lord Jesus is always with you.
  • Congratulations for the Newly Confirmed from Prince of Peace this past week: Sunday, August 30th - Manuela Francisco Gervacio and Andrea Delcarmen Francisco Gervacio. Congratulations, with the Sacrament of Confirmation, you are fully initiated in the Catholic Faith.
  • Congratulation for the Newly Baptized: Saturday, August 29th - Baby Diana Segundo, Alonzo Wilfredo Gaspar Miguel, and Evelyn Clarissa Vicente. Congratulations, with this Sacrament, Diana, Alonzo and Evelyn, became children of God and begin a journey of Faith.
  • If you ever been asked to share or explain your faith and hesitate of how to start …!!! Call the parish office to find out how to join with “other inquirers” to learn, share and refresh the gift of our Catholic faith.


Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Phuong Hoang


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