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Pastor's Page 2019-11-24

Dear Parishioners:

… Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019…

  • Looking back in this Liturgical Year and the effects which it had in our lives, there is so much for us to give “Thanks to God” for the many blessings that we have received.

There will be a “Thanksgiving Day Mass” – Thursday, November 28 at 9:00 AM to give thanks to God for the many Blessings we have received through our country, faith community and family.  I’d also ask you to bring an item from your family Thanksgiving’s meal to be blessed at our Mass.  May the Blessing from the Thanksgiving Mass will continue to be a reality in your family as you share this special day with them.

A word of thanks to many of our parishioners who gave out of the goodness of their hearts through “We are Thankful for you!” list that you received entering our church so that, our parish was able to give to the needy and the poor throughout the year and especially as we celebrate this Thanksgiving Day.  May God reward you abundantly for your generosity and love for the people of God and our parish community.

  • Today’s solemn feast of Christ the King, the grand finale to liturgical year, gives us an opportunity to discover how Jesus Christ can be a true king, unlike earthly rulers.  Today’s Gospel (23:35-43) is recounted only by Luke.  The penitent sinner receives salvation through the crucified Jesus.  Luke’s moving scene of the crucifixion is filled with details typical of his portrayal of Jesus.  He is crucified in the presence of two criminals, fulfilling Jesus’ own prediction at the supper table.

Kingship, when God is involved, does not ask people to ignore failures, but embraces and redeems them.  Throughout salvation history, God’s promise to the people was a king who was righteous, deals wisely, executes justice and righteousness in the land, and enables the people to live in security.  In Jesus, God has fulfilled that promise.

Jesus’ Kingdom is unlike the one that Pilate knows and of which is willingly or unwillingly a part.  The Roman kingdom was one of privileges, domination, vengeance, vindictiveness, and occupation.  Jesus’ kingdom is built on love, service, justice, reconciliation, and peace. 

As we contemplate Christ crucified, we understand something of why Christ has remained a king, even up to modern times:  Jesus didn’t bow down.  Jesus never responded to violence with more violence.  Jesus forgave until the end.

  • Also, in the month of November, all the parishes in our Archdiocese of Seattle are conducting the annual tradition of Christian Stewardship. Let me first say a “big word of THANKS” to all of you who had generously given to our parish this past year through the gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure.  Through your gifts, our parish community was able to fund the ministries and other needs.  THANK YOU.
  • A special tradition throughout the month of November is that, our parish will remember and pray for all our deceased members at Mass, especially those names that have been written on the parish prayer book and from the All Souls’ envelopes received from parishioners. Please join us in the daily Mass or at the weekend Mass in these celebrations. 
  • Thank you everyone, parishioners from both of our parishes – Gabriel and Prince of Peace - who have brought family and friends to the special event from “Luke Production” feature the story of St. John Vianney last Thursday, November 21 at St. Gabriel Church.

May the celebration of the beginning of this month, the Feast of All Saints, help us to know this one saint, John Vianney, in a more personal way.  As we take the time to learn the inspiring life of St. John Vianney, patron saint of parish priests, may he intercede for our parishes and renews all our lives.

  • YOU ARE INVITED … As we begin a new Liturgical Year next week, the Bremerton Westsound Symphony and Bremerton Symphony Chorale can prepare all of us to the Advent Season through the HANDEL’S MESSIAH, will be this Sunday Afternoon, November 24 - St. Gabriel Church at 3:00 PM.  Come and be prepare for the spirit of this Holy Season of ADVENT.


Christ’s Peace,
Fr. Phuong Hoang


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