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Pastor's Page 2019-08-18

Dear Parishioners:

 Archbishop Sartain prepares for Retirement 

Come join Archbishop Sartain
Sunday Mass and to wish him well as he prepares for retirement! 
Sunday, September 1st – 12:00 PM (noon) 
At St. James Cathedral 804 9th Ave. – Seattle 
A public reception following


We join with you, Fr. Dennis, IN THANKSGIVING TO GOD for the gift of ministry and personal dedication and commitment in the longevity that you have provided to God’s people from the Church of the Philippine to the Church of the Archdiocese of Seattle and most particularly, to the local parishes of St. Gabriel and Prince of Peace from 1986–1999.  Your presence still in this area as a hospital chaplain and parish ministry have been a true gift not only to our parish’s communities but also the testimony of your love for all the people of God in North Mason, South Kitsap and Pierce Counties.

  • ALL parishioners of St. Gabriel Parish congratulate and express our true appreciate to you, Fr. Dennis, as we join you in this Mass of Thanksgiving this weekend. May the Lord Jesus, our High Priest, bless you abundantly with Health, Happiness and Joy of the Gospel that you continue to share your life and ministry for many more years to come.  In my priestly ministry, I have served with two other significant Filipino Priests – Tolang and Fr. Ocana who were the first two priests and came to the Archdiocese of Seattle and served this Local Church for a long time; Fr. Dennis is this third Filipino priest that also follows in this great tradition.  Happy 50th Ordination Anniversary.
  • The Scripture readings for the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time invite us to consider the implications of our commitments, our lifestyles, and our relationships with others.

In the 1st reading from Jeremiah, the biblical prophet is called to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. Jesus will experience the prophet’s fate.

In the 2nd reading from the letter to the Hebrews, we learn once again that Jesus had himself to endure the Cross before receiving the glory of his triumph. Reflection on his sufferings gives us the courage to continue the struggle, if necessary even to the shedding of our blood. We must regard our own sufferings as the affectionate correction of the Lord, who loves us as a father loves his children.

In Gospel of Luke, Jesus reminds the crowd that those who commit to him will find that it affects the way they relate to friends and family members. A serious commitment to Jesus forces us to change the way we live our lives, and this can put strains on our relationships.  It is good to be reminded once in a while that the decision to do the right thing, the good thing, and the best thing, is not always easy or without conflict. Jesus himself did not make easy decisions or avoid conflict. Jesus reminds his followers to be prepared for difficult decisions and conflict as well.

  • Counting down to one week until our Parish Annual Picnic Day Sunday August 25th, after the 11:00 AM Mass at the ground of St. Gabriel. Please bring your family and friends to attend this year.  It’s a potluck style with plenty of hamburgers and hotdogs available for everyone.  Bring a main dish or a side dish to share with other parishioners and meet a new friend or reconnects with fellow parishioners since the beginning of the Summer. 
  • It’s wonderful for the whole RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adult) Team to get together already to reconnect with one another in a good summer day and also, to begin preparing for the upcoming path for the people who God call and through the help of all the parishioners of our parish community to recommend for exploring or renewing or deepening in the Catholic Faith.
  • If you ever been asked to share or explain your faith and hesitate of how to start …!!! Come and join with “other inquirers” to learn, share and refresh the gift of our Catholic faith.
  • Please talk to the RCIA Team Members at Mass – they wear their RCIA name’s tag. Please check the bulletin or call the Religious Office for more information.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer with the Blessings of our Gracious God.

Christ’s Peace, 
Fr. Phuong Hoang


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