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Pastor's Page 2019-05-26

May 29, 2019

Dear Parishioners:

  • The early Church community in Jerusalem was not without its problems!  In this Sixth Sunday of Easter, several of the controversies are evident in today's first reading from Chapter 15 of the Acts of the Apostles.  Recognizing the authority of the Jerusalem church, Paul and Barnabas go there to settle the question of whether Gentiles can embrace a form of Christianity that does not include Jewish obligation.  The Apostles and elders gathered for deliberation and came to an agreement with the Mother Church at Jerusalem that the Mosaic laws were not to be required, nor the many traditions of the rabbis.
  • The Council of Jerusalem therefore settled a doctrinal issue about circumcision and the Mosaic law, but did it in a way to preserve peace. This is a very good model for handling questions of tradition, continuity and conflict today.  Both the theological issues and the feelings of people are very important.  Peter and Paul show a remarkable respect for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the lives of ordinary people and situations. 
  • As our Nation celebrates Memorial Day this long weekend, I’m reminded of the “great sacrifices” that our American soldiers have given in every generation to ensure the value of Peace and Freedom.  Along with the dedicated parishioners from both parishes, celebrating Eucharist and visiting veterans almost every Wednesdays at Retsil Veteran Home, I’m reminded of this reality.  Growing up in a war time, I’ve been privileged to witness and learn the “great heroics and sacrifices” of these men and women in helping defend and promote freedom in Vietnam and in many other parts of our world.  May the Triune God – the Father, the Risen Christ and the Holy Spirit’s Peace and Blessings - continue to guide and protect our nation and the whole world.
  • Our local Church in the Archdiocese of Seattle and particularly from St. Gabriel Parish continues on the Annual Catholic Appeal Campaign for 2019 and to ensure “A future full of hope”.  I invite you to please consider in prayerful way, to make a gift to support the ACA this year.  I’m convinced that with your help and support, together, we will fulfill our parish goal this year.  I’m counting on each of you to join with me in supporting the common Ministries that we share together as a local Church of the Archdiocese of Seattle.  We are about mid-point of our parish goal, please see this update of our parish goal in the bulletin.


  •  Happy 2nd Anniversary Episcopal Ordination to our auxiliary Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg – May 31.  Bishop Daniel was here two weeks ago for youth Confirmation from three parishes – St. Gabriel, Prince of Peace and Holy Trinity.  Many parishioners from three of our parishes, finally, get a chance of meet him personally.  Recalled, from both of our parishes – St. Gabriel and Prince of Peace – were on a bus, two years ago, to his ordination as Bishop at St. James Cathedral.
  •  Archbishop J. Peter Sartain invites the people of the Archdiocese to join in this special celebration to receive Archbishop Paul D. Etienne as Coadjutor Archbishop of Seattle, on Friday - June 7, at 2:00 PM.  A public reception will follow at O’Dea High School, located on the east side of the Cathedral.  All are welcome!  Watch in the next Archdiocesan Northwest Magazine, there will be an ad to congratulate our new Coadjutor Archbishop from our Olympic Deanery.
  •  May the Joy and Blessing of the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity continue to help us actively involve in the Ministry of Jesus in our Church’s today.


Christ’s Peace,
Fr. Phuong Hoang



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