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Pastor's Page 2017-07-28

Jul 25, 2019

Dear Parishioners:

IT’S HERE … Remember both upstairs’ bathrooms will begin renovating this coming Monday, July 29th… For the following weeks, please use the downstairs’ bathrooms. Thank You.

  • Today's first reading from Genesis (18:20-32) presents the famous bargaining session between God and Abraham over the destruction of the two cities. The biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, home to Abraham's nephew, Lot, were full of sin. Israelite tradition was unanimous in ascribing the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to the wickedness of these cities, but tradition varied in regard to the nature of this wickedness.

This intriguing story of Abraham interceding for Sodom is not really about a numbers game but about the significance of salvation for the righteous in a corrupt community. Abraham's fervent intercession points to the central theme of biblical faith:  The steadfast love of God that refuses to be frustrated even in the context of immoral societies and cultures and sinful people. Christian theology teaches us that humanity is saved by the life of one righteous person!

Also, in today's Gospel scene, Luke presents three episodes concerned with prayer. The first (11:1-4) recounts Jesus teaching his disciples the Christian communal prayer, the "Our Father"; the second (11:5-8), the importance of persistence in prayer; the third (11:9-13), the effectiveness of prayer.

How are your prayer life?  Throughout Luke's Gospel, Jesus at prayer is a model for us.  We must pray unceasingly, for prayer is a sign of our faith in God.  Prayer is not something that we use to put pressure on God to get our own way.  Authentic prayer opens us up to the action of God's Spirit, bringing us in line with God's desires, and making us into true disciples.  Prayer becomes one of the ways by which we follow Jesus in the Christian life.

  • The children of religious education age from our St. Gabriel Parish, certainly, have a lot to share with their families and friends each day this past week, because they have learned, shared and do so much from Vacation Bible School.

On behalf of the Parish, I’d like to thank our Faith Formation Coordinator - Maria Murphree, Catechists, Volunteers and all members of Maria’s team – for your love, generosity of your time, talent and treasure for planning and executing the Vacation Bible School this year.  May this event add to a “special memory” of your Summer this year.

  • Please, mark your calendar and plan to bring your family and friends to our Parish Annual Picnic Day Sunday August 25th, after the 11:00 AM Mass at the ground of St. Gabriel.

Have a wonderful week with Jesus Presence and His abundant Grace.


Christ’s Peace,
Fr. Phuong Hoang


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