Liturgical Ministries

Sacristans are vital ministers at each liturgy. Two sacristans serve at each Mass. They are trained Eucharistic Ministers who are responsible for the materials and personnel needed for the celebration of the liturgy. Sacristans arrive at church one hour before their scheduled Mass to prepare the vessels and linens that are used at that liturgy. They place the proper items on the Credence table and the Gift table. They also check in all the liturgical ministers serving at the Mass. The sacristans distribute the vessels to the Eucharistic Ministers and oversee the serving of Communion to the community. At the end of Mass, after the priest or deacon has purified the vessels, the sacristans store the vessels.

Crucifer (Cross Bearer) is a person appointed to carry the church’s processional cross during processions at the beginning and end of service. Before the Roman Catholic reforms of the Second Vatican Council a sub-deacon carried out the function of a crucifer.

The Altar Servers:
Has a special role in helping the priest during Mass. Responsibilities before, during and after Mass, include lighting the candles, carrying the crucifix, holding the sacramentary, carrying candles during the Gospel procession, placing bread and wine on the altar and helping return items to their places after Mass. Children nine years of age and in fourth grade, who have been baptized and have received First Holy Communion, are eligible to be trained to serve at masses and other liturgies.

Eucharistic Ministers:
Have a unique opportunity for a special communion with their fellow members of the Body of Christ. Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion are members of the church who have been confirmed and trained to assist with the distribution of the Eucharist. The ministry coordinators not only train the ministers in the practical details of when, where, and how, but also provide information about the Eucharist and how to prepare spiritually. Once trained, ministers are scheduled for at least two Masses per month. 

Those who are called to the ministry of Lector or Reader apply their talents and time to proclaim God's Word to the worship community. This ministry requires preparation of the Old and New Testament Readings in the Liturgy of the Word. Lectors are also scheduled to serve as Commentators at the beginning of Mass and to lead the community in the Universal Prayer. After completing an orientation, lectors are scheduled to proclaim the Word approximately once a month.

St Gabriel is an active, welcoming faith community energized by the Eucharist and sensitive to the needs of all. Ushers and Greeters serve parishioners and visitors alike before, during and following Mass. Ministry members answer questions, help families find seating and coordinate the movement of the congregation during Holy Communion. Assistive Listening Devices are distributed by the ministry for those who need them. Following Mass, ushers ensure that the church is prepared to receive those who will attend the next Mass by tidying up the pews.

Route (Communion) Ministry:
Is composed of Minister of Holy Communion whose mission is to bring the grace and healing power of the Holy Eucharist to any sick or homebound parishioner who cannot attend Mass either regularly or temporarily.  They minister at local nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement venues, as well as visiting people in their homes.  All those willing to serve in this ministry must first be trained as Ministers of Holy Communion.

Funeral Ministry:
The Funeral Ministry assists at funeral Masses. Five or six ministers serve in various liturgical roles, such as altar server, lector, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, sacristan, usher, escort (for family members who are participating in the liturgy), and crucifer.

Art and Environment Committee:
The Art and Environment Comittee creates seasonal decorations that help to set the mood for the liturgical seasons. The atmosphere of reverence and beauty whether in the beauty of a flower arrangement, the care of a plant, or images and signs of the paschal mystery all reflect the glory of God.

Music Ministry
Music plays an important role at St. Gabriel. The parish has a proud history of involvement in sacred music, both in the liturgy and other special events. Parishioners of all ages volunteer their time in a variety of roles – providing leadership and special music for the liturgy as cantors, choir members, and instrumentalists.  Those involved in the music ministry offer the parish their time and talents, enhancing the liturgy through beautiful and uplifting music